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Simplify your hiring decisions with our template.

Our "Interview Evaluation" template aims to streamline your recruitment process, providing an easy-to-follow framework for assessing a candidate's performance during an interview, focusing on key areas from appearance and attitude to technical skills and job knowledge.

Hiring the right person for a job role is a task of paramount importance in any organization. However, maintaining a consistent and thorough evaluation during an interview can be challenging. With our Interview Evaluation template, you can conveniently capture all essential aspects of a candidate’s performance, ensuring that the hiring decision is based on a comprehensive, fair, and standardized assessment.

Suppose a software development firm is conducting interviews for a senior developer role. Instead of relying on memory or scribbled notes, they can use our Interview Evaluation template to maintain a structured record of each candidate’s performance. From assessing the candidate’s body language, friendliness, and confidence, to their technical and team skills, the template allows a well-rounded evaluation.

Further, the template enables the interviewer to mark their overall feedback and decision – whether the candidate is recommended, not suitable, or requires further consideration. It gives the recruitment team a clear, comparative view of each candidate’s performance, facilitating an informed decision.

  • Fill in the candidate’s and interviewer’s information, including names, the date of the interview, and the position title.
  • Under ‘Characteristics Evaluation‘, rate the candidate’s physical appearance, body language, and overall attitude.
  • In ‘Ability Evaluation‘, score the candidate’s job knowledge, related experiences, technical skills, and other professional competencies.
  • Provide your overall feedback of the interview – whether the candidate is recommended, not suitable, or if the decision is not yet made.
  • Under ‘Overall Evaluation‘, add any additional comments or observations about the candidate.
  • Complete the template by signing under ‘Interviewer Signatures

Imagine a digital marketing agency conducting a series of interviews for a new SEO specialist role. The HR manager uses our Interview Evaluation template to standardize the process, making it fair and consistent. At the end of the day, she has a series of completed templates for each candidate, providing a clear overview of their performances. She can now easily compare and contrast each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, making an informed hiring decision. The successful candidate not only fulfills the job requirements but also fits well within the company’s culture, thanks to a comprehensive evaluation process facilitated by the template.

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Interview Evaluation

Streamline your recruitment process with our "Interview Evaluation" template

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